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Must Read Tips for People Going/Planning to USA

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9. Office and the Work Environment

Before you start your first day, get a hang of how the work environment is at the client's place from any PCS person there or read on for some typical environments you may find.

- Project Leaders are very understanding and friendly. And do not unduly pressurize you to perform. They will definitely give you some time to come up to speed on their work environment.

- There is a lot of individualistic approach. Every person's inputs are given a lot of importance. Independent views are respected. Before discarding any of your ideas, they will give you a good enough reason for doing so.

- For the smallest of decisions they will sometimes hold a meeting and get the entire team's inputs/comments/suggestions before proceeding. One feels important when this is done. But sometimes it can get boring.

- Nobody double-checks what you are saying, they take you for your word.

- There are no suspicious feelings and managers don't fear subordinates.

- Managers will openly discuss about their meetings with "their" bosses, with the team. There is no hide and seek as far as information/feedback is concerned.

- People admit if they don't know or have information about certain things. They don't pretend to be all knowing.

- People are dedicated to their area of work and develop expertise in it. But they do not talk about work related topics, which are not in their area of expertise, they immediately refer you to the right person.

- People enjoy their work and leisure. They plan their weekends well in advance. Very few people stay back late in the office or come and work during weekends. Such things are not related to performance. As long as you do your work well and within time, nobody cares what else you do and when.

- Most companies allow you to compensate by working during the weekend if you take an 'off' from work on a regular weekday.

- The work hours in most companies are flexible. Come anytime and go anytime but you do need to put in a minimum of 8 hrs/day or 40 hrs/week as contractors.

- Regular time sheets "may" have to be filled, in some companies.


  • Beware, If you are Very knowledgeable about your field of expertise you may be resented by other very competitive coworkers. Especially if you are constantly proving them wrong or calling out their mistakes in public.
    If you find a coworker making a mistake or having the wrong or incorrect information, Talk with them personally about it and act like you are trying to do them a favor. Often times this can help you make friends and establish yourself as a trusted colleague.
    Don't offer up praise that is unworthy. Always praise the worthy.
    Never ridicule a person in public or not unless you have already established your pecking orders.
    Just because others are rude you should try not to be. Stand out by being right, flexible and concerned for other peoples feelings.
    Stay on top of current events and listen to gossip but try not to contribute or 'spread' gossip.
    Guide your teammates but don't give them all the answers. Make them 'feel' important to the team. Always give credit where it is due but don't hog the limelight even if its true. Be humble but honest.

    By Blogger Skwirlinator, at 4:06 PM  

  • Skwirlinator is right.

    We (Americans) are a very individualistic society. While we appreciate different views, opinions, and ideas, criticism in front of others, especially a superior, is EXTREMELY embarrassing. Point it out in private, or simply inform the superior privately so as not to embarrass the coworker.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:35 PM  

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